Speednavi V4

SPEEDNAVI connects to all roads
A Better Experience with enhanced SPEEDNAI V4.0

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Speednavi V4

enhanced usability

Customize My Menu function to allow the user register
frequently used menus from map screen for maximized

3D Stunning Visualization

Provides stunning 3D visualization. Complex junctions are displayed in 3D to provide a better understanding
of your next maneuver while you are driving. 3D landmarks also helps you to drive conveniently.

Smart and Clever

Writing recognition (Word Association) is used for increased ease of search and speed control is enabled for
simulated driving. In case of emergency, all necessary information are provided with just a click.

Eco Driving

Think of the environment, use Eco-Driving to
reduce your carbon footprint and save on fuel.


Use SpeedNavi to see various trip information,
distance driven & fuel used.