Speednavi V3
  • SPEEDNAVI always be faithful to the basics
  • Easy Driving, Convenient Route Guidanc
    • Easy and Fast Search
    • Better Map View Mode
    • Multiple Language Support
    • User Friendly Design

Speednavi V3

Batter Map View Mode

Realistic image for easy guide. ILS is available for
main highway entrance / exit

Multiple Language Support

SpeedNavi is a multilingual navigation program and can be tailored to
your needs. Whether it be Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Korean
or Spanish. SpeedNavi provides you with the flexibility to both type and hear
all the commands in the choice of your language.

User Friendly Design

Background image of your choice can be selected.
Transparency function can be used to set alpha value to User Skin,
allowing the image to be half-transparent. Multiple images can be
used as the background as well depending on your taste.