MAPPY SMART navigation for your mobile
  • User-oriented map layout, made for smartphones
  • Get the latest information through updates on your smartphone
  • Screen switches as you rotate your smartphone
  • View buildings and structures easily in 3D map


Easy-to-use navigation

The main skin design of MAPPY SMART automatically
changes depending on the weather.
Place the most frequently used functions wherever you want
and choose from your photographs for the intro-screen.

A Map Built for Smartphones

The map layout has been changed to suit the small smartphone screen.
You can now get rotary guidance, P turn guidance and junction guidance via your smartphone.

Automatic updates

You can keep track with the latest information by updating your smartphone without requiring a PC connection..

Portrait and landscape orientation

The map changes its orientation from portrait to landscape or vice-versa as you rotate your smartphone.
Plus, you can zoom in/out on the map with your fingertips

SMT for real-time traffic reports

Even on the same route, traffic conditions can differ by the hour. A combination of real-time traffic reports and SMT-based traffic reports for
MAPPY users guide you to the fastest route.

real-time traffic reports + SMT

SMT (Smart Traffic) is HYUNDAI MNSOFT’s unique service for suggesting different routes by time,
based on traffic reports from MAPPY users.

Fully implemented with all MAPPY functions

Experience the essential functions of PND - including MAPPY’s route search and route guidance - with MAPPY SMART

  • Narration Route
    Guidance (NRG)
  • TRIP mode
  • Search on portal
  • Detour route setup
  • Quick destination-search
Main features of MAPPY
  • - NRNRG specialized for the current location, rather than general guidance
  • - TRIP mode for eco-driving
  • - Detour route setup to avoid congested sections while searching the route
  • - Search via portal to find addresses, contact numbers and themes
  • - Quick destination-search - search the route to Home, Work and School by selecting the icon without needing to type anything