MAPPY 3D A World at Your Fingertips, MAPPY 3D
  • Dual Map enables you to check out two maps at once
  • Realistic 3D map reflects actual terrain
  • All the main points of interest on roads are in 3D
  • User-oriented, intuitive and innovative Narration Route Guidance (NRG)


View 2D and 3D Together with Dual Map

You can use two maps with a single navigation screen.
16 combinations of map are available. Use as Index Map to see full the route on the extra screen.

Enjoy more realistic driving with Drive View mode, which shows
the map from the driver’s point of view.

Digital Elevation Method (DEM)

Experience the sophistication of realistic, dynamic 3D maps with accurate terrain elevation.

Real 3D Road Map

See on the map realistic views of up/down the road, right/left side of the turning, location and shape.
2D maps can only show the right and left side of the road, making it difficult to identify each road when driving.
But, with a 3D map, you can see the height of the road, making it easier to navigate.

Shows you on the map the highways, lanes, tollgates, overpasses, soundproof walls, streetlamps and more.

Detailed City Maps

Virtual Map - road alerts given in detail
Main landmarks illustrated with realistic-looking miniature icons
The most realistic map is made with 3D symbols, so you can see, wherever you are nationwide, nearby shops, gas stations, and other buildings

New Intuitive Junction Guidance, Alarm

The number of remaining crossroads before the turning is shown on
the map along with spoken guidance.
At the penultimate crossroads, an alarm lets you know the exact
place of the turning point.

Turning points, which were previously shown on the map using the
TURN symbol, now use simple arrows.

Multiple Routes Search and Route-Search Based on the Speed of the Vehicle

When you touch the multiple-routes button while on the search screen, you can see all the pre-set search options (up to three options).
You can search the route according to your preference (such as a route with no tollgates).

When searching or re-searching the route to avoid the risk of a sudden lane change,
MAPPY 3D takes account of the use of the inside lane and/or number of turns ahead when searching for a route.

Search for a route without considering number of junctions

Search for a route considering the number of junctions

Smart Traffic (SMT), the optimal route based on data analysis from over 3,500,000 people

MAPPY/GINI offers the optimal routes based on data analysis from over 3,500,000 people’s
traveroutes You can have instant traffic updates that are more reliable than real-time
traffic reports and also get guidance as to the fastest route based on SMT
information in shaded regions where the TPEG reception is bad.

Guide to the Gas Station Offering the Lowest Prices

Complete the route search and get guidance as to which
gas station nearby offers the lowest prices

View 2D and 3D at once with Dual Map

- Up to 16 combinations of map are available
- Use as Index Map to see the full route on the Extra screen. You can use two maps from a single navigation screen.

Drive View from the driver’s viewpoint

- Exactly the same viewpoint as when actually driving
- Quick viewpoint-switching using the Drive View button