GINI 3D VOICE Our Most Advanced Voice Recognition System
  • One Shot recognition means you need speak only once to search
  • You can search and navigate voice-registered locations
  • Voice control of car navigation and multimedia helps free up your hands
    for driving
  • Nuance Communications – the leading provider of speech solutions
    worldwide – delivers outstanding voice recognition accuracy


Intuitively Designed

It looks just like a microphone, so you can feel like you’re talking directly to the navigation. Plus, just access the ‘Help’ menu to learn more about each menu and how to use them.

Just say "Help" and GINI responds straightaway, bringing you the Help menu

Powerful One Shot recognition function

With GINI 3D VOICE, your voice generates a route at the press of a button, no matter the search category. One Shot recognition gets you there quickly.

Supported Voice One Shot Searches
  • → One Shot recognition of name
  • → One Shot recognition of nearby buildings
  • → One Shot recognition of address
  • → One Shot recognition of Home/Work/Point of Interest

Support for a Wide Range of Commands

GINI 3 VOICE recognizes different command patterns. You can also voice command multimedia, like DMB.

As shown in the picture, there are external commands and extra commands.
External commands are a set of common commands for multimedia and extra commands are a set of commands
for different types of devices.