GINI 2D V6.2 - Easy-to-use design
  • Simple to operate, search destinations and get route guidance
  • Search & Go - check out the map on the search results screen
  • Search the fastest route according to the criteria you set
  • Improved visibility of road signs and alerts (crossroad signs,
    safe driving signs, etc.)


Simple Main Menu Setup

Access the main menu screen straightaway
- easy access to sub-menus
Helpful icons color-coded for each menu mean you can find
things more easily

Save Time with Route Preview

Preview the location of your destination, map, or route via
the search results screen.

Search Accurately, Instantaneously

Select the desired destination from the search results and hold for several seconds to view the route

Fastest Route - Customizable by Criteria

Choose between five route options - including recommended, highway and free. The easy-to-use interface helps you compare and select the best route for you - depending upon desired journey-time, fee-preference and entrance/exit junctions.