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Telematics Service

HYUNDAI MNSOFT works with Hyundai Motor Company
and Kia Motors Corporation to deliver a new telematics
service provide in-car wireless services

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telematics center
  • In-car wireless communications delivering next-generation CS
  • Route-search utilizes real-time/estimated traffic reports
  • Remote parking and driving assistance
  • Full-range of mobile-based services
Real-time Traffic
  • Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation’s
    telematics service delivers accurate real-time route information
  • Traffic reports reflect collated user-data
  • ADAS map-based “Adaptive Cruise Control” and “Intelligent
    Cruise Control” to aid in-car navigation
  • ADAS map-based Local Dynamic Map display
  • Local Dynamic Map data
  • V2X for safer driving