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Digital map DB

HYUNDAI MNSOFT’s Digital map incorporates
proprietary Map DB to deliver world-leading
ADAS & Indoor Maps and Positioning

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ADAS Map(Advanced Driver Assistance System)
  • “Real” delivers next-generation digital mapping with a highly
    -accurate spatial data search
  • Embedded Lidar, GPS, IMU, four channel camera and DMI
  • 3D road map DB delivers location accuracy, road grade/curvature,
    lane width and indication data
hybrid positioning system
  • Next-generation positioning with ADAS and V2X, featuring:
    - Image-processing
    - Laser-processing
    - Sensor convergence-based
  • Positioning system
  • Free-driving system
Big data
  • Delivers route-search/estimated-time-remaining using real-time
    traffic reports
  • Collect location-based data by user participation and use it as
    statistics information : Map Share, Map Correction
  • Vehicle status-based data collection
    : VRM (Vehicle Relationship Management)