Company history

  • 2013~2017
  • 2008~2012
  • 2003~2007
  • 1998~2002


  • 11 Released the navigation SW, 'GINI 2D 7.0'
  • 07 Released the navigation SW, 'GINI NEXT V5'
  • 03 Mobile navigation app. 'MAPPY' provided 'Route Guidance' to fire engines and ambulances
  • 01 Promoted 'Lovemeter', providing free eyesight recovery operations linked with
    'Map improvement request' service


  • 10 Released the navigation SW, 'GINI NEXT V4'
  • 09 Mobile navigation app. 'MAPPY' reached 3 million downloads
  • 08 Reached 1,000 free eyesight recovery operations via 'Lovemeter'
  • 06 Released the mobile navigation app. ‘MAPPY’, which provides personalized service
  • 01 Transferred hardware business to ‘Mobile Appliance, Inc.’


  • 12 Released the navigation SW, 'GINI NEXT V3'
    Achieved information security management standards, certification to ISO27001
  • 11 Mobile navigation app. 'MAPPY' reached 2 million downloads
  • 10 Released the navigation SW ‘SPEEDNAVI 7.0’, designed exclusively for China
  • 08 Entered into a strategic alliance with NAVER
  • 07 Signed the development of the national transport database MOU with the National Transport DB Center
    Released the interlocking service using Mappy navigation on apple watch
  • 06 Released the navigation SW 'GINI NEXT V2', which optimizes the memory usages
  • 03 Released the driving video recorder 'PONTUS LIBERO', which doesn't need to format regularly
    Developed the 'Transport information analysis system' using Big Data
  • 01 Released the navigation 'PONTUS P680M' which mirrors the smartphone in car


  • 12 Developed 3D and extremely precise map using 'MMS(Mobile Mapping System)'
  • 11 Begined 'Mappy with Daum' service for smart watches
  • 10 Released the 3D full cloud navigation ‘MAPPY with Daum’ for iOS
  • 09 Released the natural language voice recognition navigation 'softman S681V'
  • 06 Promoted 'Lovemeter', providing free eyesight recovery operations via Social
    Networking Service
  • 05 Released the 3D full cloud navigation ‘MAPPY with Daum’ for Android OS
  • 03 Expand the ‘Fuel-Cut section notification service’ to all the express way
    Achieved CMMI level 3 certification
  • 02 Developed the technology which connecting indoor and outdoor


  • 12 Developed the Incremental update technology for navigation while driving
  • 11 Advanced into Russian Driving Recorder market
    Participated the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2013
  • 06 Started a 2nd human-sensibility technology advisory committee
    Released the Fuel-Cut section notification service
  • 05 Released the 3D full cloud navigtion 'U+ Navi LTE by HYUNDAI MNSOFT'
  • 04 Runned the 'HYUNDAI MNSOFT Design competitions'
    Opened the 'SOFTMAN one stop Customer center'
    Runned the 'HYUNDAI MNSOFT Idea competitions for new business, new product'
    Started a GIS advisory committee
  • 03 Opened the HYUNDAI MNSOFT official blog
    Released the navigation equipped with MirrorLink feature
  • 02 Released the 'Weavigation service', which informs weather of the destination


  • 11 Released the navigation, which recognizes 2 million words by voice
    Runned 111 product testers for SOFTMAN
    Released 8"(inch) navigation, "SOFTMAN S581"
  • 09 Opened a local branch in Europe
  • 07 Released softman, in-vehicle infotainment device brand
  • 06 Established a Joint Venture in China
  • 03 Started a human-sensibility technology advisory committee
  • 01 Recorded 400 free-eyesight recovery operations, "Lovemeter" that is a social activity


  • 08 Released the navigation SW, GINI 6.0 Upgrade
  • 07 Released the navigation SW for smart device, "MAPPY Smart 3D"
  • 05 Released the voice-guide navigation SW, "GINI VOICE"
  • 04 Changed the company’s name to HYUNDAI MNSOFT, INC
  • 03 Entered into a contract to supply "SPEEDNAVI" for Samsung GalaxyTab, in Thailand


  • 12 Established a partnership with LG U+, for the navigation "OZ Navi by MAPPY"
  • 11 Released "MAPPY 3D", which implements geographical features and roads in 3D
  • 07 Released the navigation SW, GINI interworking HUD (Head Up Display)
  • 06 Launched "Smart Connector", the navigation update and information sharing program
  • 01 Released "SPEEDNAVI", the navigation SW for smartphones, which targets overseas markets


  • 11 PlayMap received the prize at "Mobile Technology Award" hosted by Korea Communications Commission
  • 09 Navigation SW, GINI won the prize at "2009 The Most Trusted Brand Awards" hosted by Korean Brand Management Association; released PlayMap, a wireless location information sharing service
  • 05 Released the navigation, "GINI 3D"
  • 04 Supplied LGT Mobile LBS solution


  • 11 Established a local branch in Beijing
  • 09 Promoted "Lovemeter", a social activity providing free eyesight recovery operations; launched SPEEDNAVI Telematics service (providing the traffic report) in China. Entered into a contract to supply SPEEDNAVI with the global coverage to the Japanese company, ALPINE
  • 02 Won the grand prize at "the 7th Korean SW Company Competition Award" and the best prize in "SW Business Management"
  • 01 Launched the location-based advertising service, "AliGo"


  • 12 Won the prize at Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2007
  • 11 Opened a local office in North America
  • 10 Completed the production of the map of North America; embedded in
    Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group’s models
  • 07 Changed the company's name into M&SOFT, INC
  • 04 Released the overseas targeting navigation SW "SPEEDNAVI",
    designed exclusively for China/Thailand


  • 12 Won the President’s Award at Korean SW Awards
  • 11 Won the grand prize at "Data Base Quality Awards"
  • 08 Entered into a contract to implement online/mobile e-map for tourism sector with
    Korea Tourist Service
  • 05 Established the first regional map center (in Busan)


  • 12 Navigation SW, GINI won the prize at "Digital Innovation Awards"
  • 10 Provided a numerical map for the digital weather forecast service of the Korea Meteorological Administration; selected as a model service provider; incorporated into Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group
  • 02 Became the country’s first navigation to obtain TTA (Telecommunications Technology Association) GS Mark


  • 12 Entered into a contract for development of Mozen GIS system upgrade; concluded HMS Mozen Master CP contract
  • 10 Won the special small and medium-sized business committee prize at the "2004 Venture Awards"
  • 07 Released the navigation SW, "GINI"
  • 06 Selected as the standard numerical map for TELIC (Telematics Information Center) of the Ministry of Information and Communication


  • 11 Entered into a contract to develop the format for HMS Mozen Center and Memory; produced the DVD Map for the next generation Navigation
  • 01 Started the country’s first telematics service, "SPEEDNAVI"


  • 12 Obtained ISO 9001 Certification (for the first time as the domestic GPS Map provider)
  • 11 Released the country’s first Telematics Navigaton (for PDA), "SPEEDNAVI"
  • 06 Selected as INNO-BIZ (innovation business) by the Small and Medium Business Administration


  • 11 Certified as B2B partner for LG Telecom Mobile Data and Business;
    won the prize for "the Small and Business Administration Director’s Award"
    at Venture Awards


  • 10 Concluded a contract to develop MAP for the next generation NAVI with Hyundai Motor Group-Hyundai Autonet
  • 07 Entered into a contract for Total Data Solution partnership with Korea Telecom Powertel
  • 03 Concluded a contract for geographic information service with Small and Medium business Corporation


  • 05 Selected as a research center for military service (Military Manpower Administration)
  • 04 Certified as venture business
  • 01 Established an affiliated "Mando ITS Research Center"


  • 12 Established MANDO MAP NSOFT