CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Dreaming of a world of friendship and warmth

As a company that is a leader in geography and location-based
ubiquitous environments, HYUNDAI MNSOFT is committed to seeking a path to continually bring happiness into the family life - the bedrock of
society - and thereby create a warm digital world that connects humanity together and individuals with each other.

Corporate Social Responsibility Vision


Establish a global social responsibility
management system


Promote corporate responsibility activities through
Social Networking Services


Implement customer participation-based corporate responsibility activities

Promote cultural campaigns and make a contribution to spreading the campaign


- Eyesight recovery operations

In Korea, many heads of the family experience difficulties in living everyday due to glaucoma, cataracts and retina disease. These diseases, sometimes, lead to sight loss as many families cannot afford the surgery necessary.
HYUNDAI MNSOFT offers free eyesight recovery operations to them, in pursuit of creating brighter world.

- Finding lost-child campaign

Missing children are not only a sorrow for the children themselves, but they are a pressing
social issue and often lead families into despair.
Children, as any parent knows, need consistent care and attention.
HYUNDAI MNSOFT is making a contribution to promoting a culture in which people take care
of those children who spend time by themselves.