About Company

Vehicle Infortainment Global Leader

HYUNDAI MNSOFT aims to be the 'Vehicle Infotainment Global Leader" which
can leading automotive industry.

HYUNDAI MNSOFT - Hyundai Motor group subsidiary company - is the vehicle
infotainment company specialized in the location-based service(LBS) and navigation software.

After 1998, company was established, HYUNDAI MNSOFT succeeded in developing
100% localization of the technology which is embedded navigation in Hyundai-Kia Automotive
Group’s vehicles by applying self-developed map-converting format for the first time in Korea.
Also we are in global market.

Furthermore, HYUNDAI MNSOFT presents 'GINI' and 'GINI NEXT' which are Korean
No.1 best selling navigation software along with the global navigation software 'SPEEDNAVI'
and 'mappy' the new leader in mobile navigation market.

HYUNDAI MNSOFT will be the pioneer leading future automotive technology and culture as a vehicle infotainment global leader.


The slogan expresses the company's image as future-oriented navigation SW, service and networking-specialized company. It puts
an emphasis on M(Map, Motor, Mobile, Mate) and Soft(Flexibility, service), allowing a close bond of trust to form with customers.

In addition, Hyundai Motor Group’s CI, "HYUNDAI" logo represents the group’s management philosophy of making continual
improvements, innovation and having a noble status. Also, "HYUNDAI BLUE" is used as the main color, representing hope, possibility and reliability.

HYUNDAI MNSOFT’s logotype is the main component of the company’s Identity, representing its unique, differential image.

HYUNDAI MnSOFT CI type-Grid System, Configuration Usage

The shape or color should be used according to the rule to create the same image from all the viewpoints and CI cannot be changed in any circumstances, as required.


Hyundai Mnsoft

Hyundai MNSOFT, a Global company of providing cutting edge technique in GIS, Vehicle IT software, various contents and service, wishes to dedicate to the Vehicle technology and cultural development.


Hyundai Mnsoft slogan is in the meaning anytime, anywhere provides the best driving experience every moment and value for your happiness and quality of life that you want.