Telematics Service

HYUNDAI MNSOFT - in cooperation Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group - provides telematics, a new customer support service that combines automotives and telecommunications for a safer and more convenient driving experience.

This service not only provides the optimum route search and management, POI search and other optimum information for driving using various devices connected to the vehicle, but also offers an automatic update service via wireless communications.
In addition, HYUNDAI MNSOFT offers various services that can be used on a mobile, including Send 2 Car Service, which transmits the current location to the vehicle via a smartphone app, as well as offering a guide to the final destination after parking.

HYUNDAI MNSOFT is establishing a domestic telematics center as a way to not only provide the service, but also expand its business to North America and China, together with Hyundai Motor Group. The company will continue to make every effort to expand its coverage and thereby provide safer and more convenient driving conditions.

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  • Send 2 Car (Destination)
  • SNS Service
  • Send 2 Car (Destination)
  • Door 2 Door
  • Checking location (Parking, pick up)
  • Picture Photo (Destination)