Domestic After Market

Moving Smart, Navigation Software - GINImore

GINI made its debut in the mobile terminal market in 2004 to make
more user-friendly navigation. With the release of v2.0 and v3.0 in 2005,
GINI won the grand prize for Digital Innovation. This prize marked the moment
GINI received the recognition it has long merited.

In 2007, GINI launched the T-series, which has been upgraded four
times a year. It managed to secure the largest market share as a result
of reflecting customer’s proposals,
including featuring all kinds of search,
My Active menu and recommended routes. In 2008, the brand went
through a renewal of brand identity, BI and slogan, to raise its value
as a navigation device. This meant that, come 2009, it was able to
launch GINI 3D, which displays geographical features, main buildings
in Seoul and facilities on the navigation as in the real world. Plus,
GINI embedded "Smart Traffic", a system which provides forecasts
of traffic reports based on information from customers.It also has
a voice guide feature to help drivers reach their destination. GINI
is making every effort for customers to have a safe and convenient
driving experience. 

Warmth on the street - MAPPYmore

MAPPY is a navigation SW for mobile, developed along with the wish to satisfy the customers’ needs using a great store of data(MAP) owned by HYUNDAI
MNSOFT and become a guide for customers’ happiness in the digital world.

MAPPY was released to be built-in to mobile devices, such as PDAs, back in 2005. With a traffic lane guide, street signs and voice guide, MAPPY introduced the
country’s first 1GB navigation. In 2006, the brand won the President’s Award at the Korea Software Awards, thanks to providing the country’s first TPEG service. In
2007, MAPPY United Version was released, which included new 80 features such as a voice-guide to the number of remaining intersections, a multi-route search.
Its release ushered in a craze for crowd-sourcing in navigation.

In 2009, "MAPPY for T-Omnia", a navigation for mobile was released, marking the first step into the smartphone market. In 2010, HYUNDAI MNSOFT introduced
"Oz Navi by MAPPY", a navigation for mobiles under a partnership with LG U+. MAPPY is embedded in various products including Pantech, iriver and ENSPERT.
With the launch of MAPPY Smart 3D, designed especially for mobile, the brand is expanding its business.