Global After Market

Speed navimore

In 2007, HYUNDAI MNSOFT released SPEEDNAVI in Thailand
and China.
SPEEDNAVI is a brand built on the world-class map format
design, map matching, route planning and UI design techniques.

t has enhanced its competitiveness by reflecting POI (Point of Interest)
and the latest Map DB under partnerships with the top regional map
suppliers. This means it has been able to meet customer demands
through multilingual web services and through having a customer
service center for each country. In addition, SPEEDNAVI makes
every effort to maintain its identity as a national brand while raising
a multi-national image by providing local languages as well as
English and Korean support.

After 2008, the brand has set challenging goals to raise its brand
awareness in the local market by building up a Power Brand and
through supporting the user community with S/W Brand marketing
and multilingual web. This is to help build Contents/DB in reflection
of the regional marketability, another way to gain a competitive